The incredible story of a British heavy tank trapped before the German trenches. For three days her crew fight against the might of the German Army.

The Allies launch a massive offensive on the Western front, and Captain Richardson, a battlefield veteran of the trenches leads four heavy tanks on a brazen assault through no-man’s-land. It’s an attack that could shatter the German defences and create an opening for Allied soldiers to pour through and hasten the end of the war.

One tank after another is destroyed, until just one remains. But in the last moments of battle they’re trapped directly in front of the German front line. The crew can neither advance nor retreat as the tank sinks deeper into the mud, all while shells and bullets rain down all around it. The German Army is regrouping for a massive counterattack, and Richardson’s tank F41 is stranded right in front of them. The Germans besiege the tank for three days as they try to force their way inside with every weapon at their disposal. The tank is no longer a mobile fighting machine, but instead an Iron Fortress that is moments away from being overwhelmed.

Inspired by the true events and people of World War I, writer Michael G. Thomas creates a thrilling tale of heroism and brutal warfare during the early tank battles of The Great War. Iron Fortress tells the true story of the heroic crew of tank F41 in August 1917 as they fight a desperate battle, alone and outgunned, in the middle of the infamous Battle of Passchendaele.

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