Tomb of Faith (A Gabriel De Sade Thriller Book 4)

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Tomb of Faith is the fourth book of the ‘Faith’ series of novels about an NYPD detective,a former Special Forces operative. Teamed with FBI Special Agent Faith Ward, their methods are always unconventional, often brutal, at times mystical.

In the fourth novel of the Gabriel de Sade series, the tough New York homicide detective is up against his greatest challenge. A gruesome discovery close to Opus Dei headquarters in New York City points the finger at a religious maniac. A new serial killer is on the loose. Yet a chance discovery at the crime scene points in a new and different direction – Seville, Spain. Home of one of the largest cathedrals in Christendom, burial site of Christopher Columbus, discoverer of America, and the stalking ground of the most inventive and dangerous serial killer de Sade and his partner have ever faced.

A real thrill-a-minute rollercoaster, where the action crosses the Atlantic to Spain, up into the frozen snows of the Sierra Nevada, and back to New York. And de Sade finds that he has only his closest friend to trust when the police forces of two great nations are set to stop him pursuing his quarry to the very end. An end that is dramatic and unexpected as the plot twists and turned to its gory and violent conclusion.

Tomb of Faith is a rich and fast-moving tale weaving brutality and religious mysticism into a riveting tale of suspense. Violent and exciting, both harsh and compassionate, the novel is packed with intrigue and mystery. Hugely enjoyable for lovers of the detective thriller genre.

The four books in the unique and highly original ‘Faith’ series include:

Killing Faith – Book 1
Loss of Faith – Book 2
Death of Faith – Book 3
Tomb of Faith – Book 4
Book 5 is a work in progress

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