Time War: Invasion

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‘Invasion’ is the first instalment in the epic new ‘Time War’ series that throws futuristic supersoldiers into an alternate history where they must fight the ultimate enemy in a world that is entirely alien to them.

The year is 2074. War has raged for twelve years, and biological weapons have decimated much of the world’s population. Many have suffered degrees of mutation. Faced with dwindling human resources, both sides turn to genetic experiments to create enhanced supersoldiers, in a desperate attempt to survive and win the war. The Allies of the free world call these men Augmented and Psychologically Enhanced Servicemen. Also known as A.P.E.S.

The war is coming to a close, and one squad of A.P.E.S, led by the fearless Sergeant Wyatt Corwin, has a chance to kill the enemy leader, Maximilian Villiers, and end the war in one decisive action. But in their final hour of victory, Villiers cheats death by escaping through time in a machine he has kept secret from the world. Corwin and his comrades have no choice but to pursue Villiers through time. But they find themselves in the most unlikely of places; the height of World War II. Villiers has arrived ahead of them, and allied himself with the Third Reich. The Nazis’ obsession with super weapons is fuelled by the deluded genius of Villiers. Already they have begun to turn the tide of the war.

With the Soviet Union beaten and the Allies struggling to stave off defeat, Corwin must locate Villiers and prevent him from changing the outcome of the war. The security of the free world and the future of humanity is at stake.

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