SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops – The Second Trilogy

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For the first time ever, books four to six of the bestselling SEAL Team Bravo novels together in one book.

SEAL Team Bravo IV
Osama bin Laden is dead, and the sensational mission to the compound in Abbottabad is rightly hailed as a heroic Navy Seal operation. But is Al-Qaeda now stronger or weaker? A chance raid into Pakistani bandit country, Waziristan, throws up fresh intel that points to a new threat. Another warlord has emerged, a man who claims to be the brother of Osama bin Laden. Although unheard of in the West, murderous terrorists are about to follow his banner and launch a new jihad in their fanatical and never-ending religious wars. A conflict that threatens the peace and security of the world.

SEAL Team Bravo V
Following the hijacking of a cruise liner in the Mediterranean, SEAL Team Bravo are sent in to rescue the hostages. A perilous night jump onto the deck of a moving ship carries its own dangers. Yet the operation throws up something else, something unexpected. A whole new threat to the security of the Western World. And a name the world has grown to fear since the shopping mall massacre in Kenya. Al Shabaab. The men of Team Bravo, the elite Navy SEALs unit, are no strangers to behind-the-lines missions. But this time, the enemy has stamped their own, inimitable brand on a whole new level of savagery and violence. And the target has a name that will live forever in American military infamy. Mogadishu.

SEAL Team Bravo VI
A small unit operation inside Colombia results in the death of a politician, a man guilty of living off the cocaine trade. The Colombians ambush the four Navy Seals, led by Chief Petty Officer Kyle Nolan, and condemn them to a speedy execution. There is an island in the Caribbean, the US Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. Home to the most notorious of America’s enemies. Men who will go to their deaths to strike a blow at the US. Ten men have managed against the odds to escape, ten of the most hardened and fanatic prisoners.

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