Black Widows – Season 1: Episode 6

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Black Widows: Episode 6 is sixth story in a thrilling science fiction series about the infamous all-female mercenary unit. Aboard their heavily-armed ship Medusa, they embark on secretive missions throughout the crumbling Confederacy as it wages a terrible and bloody civil war.

Syala and the Black Widows are heading home to the infamous haven for mercenaries, traders, criminals, and cutthroats from a dozen worlds. To Syala it is a chance to follow a lead on her missing sister, but to the Widows it’s their home, and a place to rest and resupply for their next mission. This heavily defended installation is the Alpha Three facility, known colloquially as The Anchorage. To their surprise, the Widows run directly into a massive flotilla in the middle of a violent battle and each of them is on the run from their former home. Something has taken root at the Anchorage, and only by working together can have any chance of retaking the massive installation. With nowhere else to go, Syala and her friends are thrust into the middle of a major military operation with people they can never truly trust. And this time, the consequences have never been greater.

Black Widows is serialised over six short-read episodes per season, in the same fashion as a TV series. The first six episodes are also available in one complete compendium novel called Black Widows: Defiance. See my website for news on the next thrilling release at Season 2 is due for release early in 2017.

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