Black Ops – Heroes of Afghanistan: Spetsnaz Assassin


Rafe Stoner is a gun for hire, a former Navy SEAL whose skills are in constant demand in his adopted home of Afghanistan. His legitimate business is selling surplus machinery, or so his tax return states. His real work is less prosaic, and makes him a good living from a grateful client base. The removal of inconvenient rivals is a way of life in the violent and war-torn nation.

When a name surfaces during a conversation in a bar, the alarm bells ring. Khan. A name from the past, a man he thought he’d killed. He was wrong. The warlord clawed his way back from his injuries, and has sworn a lifelong vow. Stoner must die, along with those few people who are closest to him. Yet the SEAL vet is no easy target, and Khan needs professionals capable of carrying out the hit. He finds them. Spetsnaz.

Inside Afghanistan, the bitterest memories of the Soviet invasion are reserved for the brutal Spetsnaz. Callous killers, men without scruple or mercy. Forced out after the Russian economic crisis brought deep cuts to the military, many mercenaries. Murder for hire, payment in advance. No questions asked. Willing recruits for Khan’s mission of vengeance.

Their first attack is a hit against Stoner’s friends, Greg and Faria Blum, and their three children. An attack that launches him into a desperate struggle against the Russian experts, who will stop at nothing to kill him and his friends. He has no option but to fight hard to survive against the Russian mercenaries. Then to finish the job he started all those years ago. To kill Khan, or die in the attempt.

This is an incredible story of tough, violent men in a tough, violent land. Black-Ops: Heroes of Afghanistan Spetsnaz Assassin is the latest title by the bestselling author of many Special Ops novels. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo stories, the Raider series, Echo Six, and a number of Devil’s Guard titles.

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