Black Operator: Red Square Assassins

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Rambo meets Die Hard in the third Black Operator epic shortread novella from bestselling author Eric Meyer.

Maria Tereshkova, the savior of Russia. Or a deadly enemy, depending on the point of view. The Kremlin see her as an enemy, and one who must be killed. Twice before, they have sent assassination teams to kill her, and twice before, she has managed to avoid them and survive. This time, it is different. She is going back to Russia, to meet with the President of the Russian Republic, yet his words are false. He has prepared a final attempt to take her life, and this time, they cannot fail. A group of killers drawn from former Special Forces and KGB elements that frequent the Red Square Club in Moscow. They’re owned by a man who makes a bigger profit from murder than from selling premium vodka.

The man who has vowed to protect her, former DEA agent, Cris Rhodes, remains in the USA. Until he learns of Maria’s disappearance and travels to Moscow to search for her, He has fought the killers sent by the Kremlin twice before, and they still come back. Three times is one too many, and he goes to Russia. Leaves a trail of death and destruction around Moscow as he searches for the beautiful and enigmatic Russian girl who threatens to overturn the Kremlin dictatorship.

A fast moving, rip-roaring thriller. One man battling the state, leaving the streets awash with blood as he hunts for the kidnapped woman. The woman who is the sole hope for a suffering nation, and who he cherishes above all else.

The author, Eric Meyer, has written many other thrillers, including the popular SEAL Team Bravo titles, the Raider series, as well as Echo Six and six Devil’s Guard novels.
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