Black Operator – Box Set (Books 1-3)

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A thrilling trilogy which details the efforts of the Kremlin to kill a political opponent of the President. Maria Tereshkova must flee for her life, and only a burned-out DEA agent, Cris Rhodes, stands in the way of the shadowy gunmen sent to kill her. A series of breathtaking chases packed with violent action.

The Black Operator – Box Set includes Black Operator books 1-3:

Book 1 – The Russian Assassin
Firebrand speaker Maria Tereshkova is an enemy of the Russian state. An ardent reformer with an anti-corruption message, she has millions of loyal followers, and the Kremlin will stop at nothing until she is dead. Maria arrives in Chicago and into the crosshairs of a gunman sent by Moscow to kill her. The assassin is former elite soldier, mentally crippled and cruelly scarred. Yet despite his mental and physical wounds, he is immensely strong, and skilled with a wide range of weapons. A man without a soul, lacking the remotest compassion for men, women or children. An expert marksman hunter, and he never fails.

Book 2 – The Kremlin Assassins
Maria Tereshkova is running for her life. She has been forced to flee to the United States in order to stay ahead of the killers. Her bodyguard, former DEA agent Cris Rhodes, uses every weapon in his armory, every trick he has learned in the bloody battles against the drug cartels, to guard her from those who would kill her. And still they come, the killers sent by the Kremlin and trained by Russian Special Forces. Killers sent directly from Moscow itself, and from the President who will stop at nothing to destroy those who challenge his authority.

Book 3 – Red Square Assassins
Rambo meets Die Hard in the third Black Operator epic shortread novella from bestselling author Eric Meyer. Maria Tereshkova, the savior of Russia. Or a deadly enemy, depending on the point of view. The Kremlin see her as an enemy, and one who must be killed. Twice before, they have sent assassination teams to kill her, and twice before, she has managed to avoid them and survive. This time, it is different. She is going back to Russia, to meet with the President of the Russian Republic, yet his words are false. He has prepared a final attempt to take her life, and this time, they cannot fail. A group of killers drawn from former Special Forces and KGB elements that frequent the Red Square Club in Moscow. They’re owned by a man who makes a bigger profit from murder than from selling premium vodka.

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