Battle Earth: The Third Trilogy


‘Battle Earth’ is an epic science fiction series that tells of humanity’s desperate struggle to survive against an overwhelming alien invasion. A futuristic sci-fi action adventure series that chronicles vast bloody battles following humanity’s first reach into the stars. This compendium edition contains the full text of books 7,8 and 9. The rest of the series is also available in three-book sets.

Battle Earth VII
Life on ravaged Earth had changed forever, but one huge dilemma remained; what to do with the hundreds of thousands of bloodthirsty alien prisoners of war who became trapped there. When a new form of gladiatorial combat is initiated, which both wows and shocks the world audience, public opinion becomes deeply divided on the barbaric displays, and Taylor must choose a side. Never having been able to report Chandra’s fate, Tsengal finally awakens from his coma and reveals information to Taylor of the alien leaders plans which threaten Earth once more.

Battle Earth VIII
War rages across Earth once more, but now human fights human, and Mech warriors fight side-by-side with UEN soldiers. Colonel Taylor knows if he can prove the existence of alien clone agents, and their influence in the bloodshed, there may yet be a chance for peace. Taylor knows there is no longer room for negotiation. EA cities and their allies now stand on brink of destruction and the harrowing question still remains, where is the alien leader Erdogan and what will his next move be?

Battle Earth IX
For the first time in his life, Taylor and his comrades find themselves fighting on United States soil. It is a desperate attempt to hold back a relentless enemy that bring with them new and devastating technologies. City after city falls to Erdogan’s Mech armies, and there seems no chance of survival. There is one hope for humanity, but it means doing what Taylor could never have envisaged – give up what he holds so dear.

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