Battle Earth: The Fourth Trilogy


‘Battle Earth’ is an epic science fiction series that tells of humanity’s desperate struggle to survive against an overwhelming alien invasion. A futuristic sci-fi action adventure series that chronicles vast bloody battles following humanity’s first reach into the stars. This compendium edition contains the full text of books ten, eleven and twelve in the series.

Battle Earth X
The audacious escape from Earth had given humanity a chance of survival, but they find themselves in an unknown system that presents its own dangers. Even before they can move on, the fleet is struck by hidden forces embedded within both military and civilian craft. Taylor must fight to keep the precious few humans alive against an ever growing threat.

Battle Earth Book XI
Colonel Taylor and the human fleet now live as refugees in the orbit of an alien world they know little about, inhabited by a mysterious and highly advanced people known as the Aranui. There seems little hope of survival as Erdogan continues to pursue them relentlessly. Taylor knows that if they are to stand any chance of survival, he must convince the newly discovered alien race to side with him, but they will do anything to stay out of the war. When Erdogan and the Krys launch a new offensive, the two races are forced to ally in order to survive.

Battle Earth XII
Operations to harass the enemy forces on Earth are underway with Colonel Taylor at the forefront. Since the loss of Eli Parker, he can think and do nothing else but fight and pursue Erdogan to the very end. But the Alien leader has set his own plans into motion, and Taylor soon finds himself being hunted down by an elite and covert alien force.
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